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Reach your Career and Engineering Goals with a quick and simple Mentoring!

mentomento: mentoring with Riccardo a Full Stack Engineer

Riccardo is a Full Stack Engineer working remotely around Europe, writing code daily for React and Next.js projects. He also loves working with serverless and scalable backend systems built with Node or other tools!

How does it work?

Working together towards a set of goals will be our focus along this process! These 3 steps will guide you through the process:

1. Finding your Needs, knowing where you want to be!

We focus on your Career goals for the next 3/6 months up to 1 year. Starting from that we define a clear Roadmap, made up of Projects and Precise Steps.

2. Weekly Sprints, getting better every week!

Each week we define Tasks, Goals and Deadlines. We then track everything with a Trello board, like a real company would do.

3. Review and Repeat, iterations and improvements!

We review and discuss improvements and changes to your Roadmap. The reviews are done weekly or once every month, depending on your speed!

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Which topics will be covered in the mentoring?

Fullstack Web Development covering frontend, backend but also real-world skills. All of these will be required to get a fulltime Job in the tech industry.

Fullstack Web Development

  • React, Next.js, React Hooks, Typescript, GraphQL, Apollo or general frontend development
  • Backend Development with Node.js or Go/Golang with Serverless Functions Lambda on Netlify, Vercel or AWS
  • Infrastructure as a code: AWS CDK and Serverless Stack
  • End to End Testing with
  • SQL Databases like Postgres and MySQL or NoSQL like DynamoDB

Job Hunting and Networking

  • Improving your Resume to pass ATS system and get more interviews
  • Networking on LinkedIn and Cold Emailing
  • Practicing Interview questions and overcoming Interview fears
  • Mock Interviews

Free access to private Tutorials and Courses

  • Development Tutorials with React, NextJS, Typescript or Cypress, and much more!
  • Course: Networking and Job Hunting in a fully remote world 2022.


See what past mentee say about the mentoring

Hassan @ Vercel - San Francisco, USA

Riccardo has been an excellent mentor. He's helped me set realistic goals and follow through with my coding plans as well as answer technical questions about frontend and serverless.

Summer - San Francisco, USA

Mentorship with Riccardo has been especially helpful in gaining clarity on career next steps and on navigating the job search. He’s a very positive person, cares about his mentees, offers a lot of thoughtful and practical advice, and has helped me a lot in developing my skills as a software engineer. You’re in great hands with Riccardo, and would definitely recommend him 101%!

Petr - Berlin, Germany

Riccardo helped so much and I would love to ask him more in the future for more guidance. 🙏 We covered all sorts of topics ranging from job interviews, writing good quality code, and much more!

Peyton - USA

Riccardo is the best software mentor I have ever had. He was able to assist me in coding issues with personal projects, technical and behavioral interview prep and job hunt strategies. He provided regular checkins every week, and it is his job search strategies and support that landed me my current position as a Full Stack engineer. He knows the industry trends, how to get job leads and networking strategies to connect with engineers at top companies. You can’t go wrong with mentoring from Riccardo!

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Book a mentoring session with Riccardo on Calendly!

Daniel - Chicago, USA

Riccardo came along when I was needing some guidance with React. He is very patient and explains concepts well. His mentoring has a structure, which shows he carefully plans it. Highly recommended!

Dav - UK

I learned more from my sessions with Riccardo than I did during my entire coding boot camp.

Jonathan - USA

Riccardo is an excellent mentor and a very experienced developer. With his well-rounded and practical knowledge, he guided me to become fluent in JavaScript, React, and Nextjs in a few short months. Riccardo is patient, perceptive, and easy to get along with.

Saoussen - Canada

I am so grateful for Riccardo relevant and interesting advice and his patience in assisting me. His sense of detail and experience made my learning much easier and faster.

Join the Mentoring!

Book a mentoring session with Riccardo on Calendly!